Welcome to Bronze trading !

Welcome to Bronze trading !

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Operating System: 

Thanks to the TPA CAD software, it saves the drawing again and again . Once the drawing is finished , even if different parts appeared , When you just enter the dimensions of the new part, it automatically optimizes your previously prepared work and sets and adjusts the shifts , gabs , and even the number of holes needed

Technical Specifications :

Minimum width for the piece : 50 mm

Maximum width for the piece : 1300 mm

Automatic lubrication system 

4 kw spindle motor power with 18000 RPM 

Minimum length for the piece : 150 mm

Maximum length for the piece : unlimited 

Machine speed : 60 m/min

Front and back vaccum table with penumatic system 

Minimum Depth : 3 mm 

Maximum Depth : 45 mm

Ability to work in 5 faces in 1 stroke 

Drilling unit FAM BRAND

9 Vertical Drilling tools

6 Horizontal drilling tools 

1 Blade Saw 

Servo control unit for Axises X,Y,Z