Welcome to Bronze trading !

Welcome to Bronze trading !

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4200*4200 PLATE (max 54mm) cutting height optimization program It produces a cutting plan by minimizing wastage calculations.

It works with the simulation program that guides the operator.

Optional manual cutting feature.

Optional single cut feature (in x-axis).

Kopeksper optimization program used.

The up-down movement of the cutting saw is provided by the pneumatic piston.

Ability to automatically adjust cutting speed according to material height.

Pusher group is controlled by servo motor. Advanced bedding system and

Measure errors with induction shaft rack system and double-sided bearing system

minimizes it.

With 2 rollers, linear and rack bearings in the upper pressure group.

to prevent the material from slipping by applying equal pressure on the entire surface of the part Hinders.

Overpressure and pusher air pressure adjustment clock.


Cutting Width 4200 mm
Cutting Depth 4200 mm
Cutting Height  54 mm
Cutting Group Simulation Speed MAX 80 M/M
Cutting Group Working Speed MAX 50 M/M
Pusher Group Working Speed MAX 50 M/M
Cutting Saw Dimensions Ø320x4.4mm
Scriber Saw Dimensions Ø200x4.2mm
Cutting Saw Rpm 5500 Rpm
Scriber Saw Rpm 4000 Rpm
Cutting Saw Motor Power 9 KW
Scriber Saw Motor Power 1.1 KW
Cutting Group Motor Power 2 KW
Pusher Servo Motor Power 2 KW
Backing Group Servo Motor Power 0.75KW
Snail Fan Motor Power 3 KW
Cutting Group Dust Suction Pipe Diameter (Bottom Exit) Ø120 mm
Upper Press Dust Suction Pipe Diameter (Upper Exit) Ø100mm
Machine Working Space  56 m²
Air Pressure 6 Bar
Main Voltage 400 V -50 Hz
Nominal Current 50 A
Total power 25 KW/H
Machine Dimensions  6600*8200*1800mm
Machine Weight 6500kg